The decision was made to stop doing side work and start an Electrical Contracting Business, What a learning curve! A really Good Electrician does not automatically make a good Business Owner. Every young person should experience the Stress, Dedication and Commitment of starting a business. When you make a mistake you pay for it out of Your Wallet, Then they would Appreciate having a good Employer.

The owner, John comes from a general contracting background, His dad built bank vaults and custom homes, What a combination. This is the reason that all projects, framing repairs/modifications, stucco repairs behind new service panels, and drywall repairs are always included in the job. This level of attention to detail has earned a large, loyal customer base.


Completed NECA Electrical Estimating course, How can your pricing be fair and consistent and profitable, without knowing how to put a bid together?

Became a member of International Electrical Inspectors Association, This provides ongoing education opportunities. There is a great need for Electricians that stay current with up to date changes in the industry.

What is Certified Apprenticeship Trained ?

In the state of AZ. There is no Certification Requirement for electricians , Additionally there is no Apprenticeship Completion Requirement.

Arizona is the last state in the union that does not have this requirement.

The Owner of this one man shop is John L. he has completed an Apprenticeship Program.

We exceed expectations.


At O Herren Electric, with deep industry experience, my mission is to exceed the expectations of every client who calls on us for electrical services.​

Before moving to AZ. John completed 4 year Electrical Apprenticeship in San Diego and had worked up thru the ranks with several companies.
His refusal to sit at home with no pay when work slowed down earned him animosity and negative judgment from all former employers in and around San Diego and consequently no more work opportunities.
Too Bad, So Sad, Life goes on, Their loss, Arizona's Gain.

Commitment to the small details.
Decades of combined experience.